Employee Spotlight: Milly Gulcynski

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About three years ago, Milly Gulcynski became an integral part of the team at Ginnis & Krathen, P.A.  Focusing in the pre-litigation section of the office, Milly prides herself in the detail and attention she gives to each of her clients. Milly spends most of her time becoming familiar with the cases and the clients that come through the door. She gets to know the clients as people, understanding and providing for the needs that they have through the pre-litigation process. Because of her focus in pre-litigation, Milly works with many types of cases and has had plenty of exposure to the specialties of law handled at Ginnis & Krathen.

Helping Clients

Milly enjoys working with all of the clients at Ginnis & Krathen, but her favorite clients are those who allow her the opportunity to provide additional assistance throughout the process. She enjoys spending time with clients that need extra guidance because she can witness firsthand how much of an impact she makes by working with them. Her ultimate goal is to help keep clients comfortable and let them know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She finds the most meaning in her work when she can make the most impact.

What She Loves About the Firm

One of the things that Milly loves the most about Ginnis & Krathen is how much the firm cares about its clients.

“Our job is to keep them happy, get them through the process, get them the most amount of money we can. Even though it is a smaller office and we are busy, we are able to give our clients the time that they want or need to spend with us. [At larger firms], they sign you up, and you are just a case. We fight to get them the very best, and the firms that have a lot of clients cannot give the same attention as we give [our clients].”

More About Milly

Before coming to Ginnis & Krathen, Milly worked at another firm for 27 years where she did very similar work. She left that firm after the attorney she worked for retired. When she is not at work, she likes to visit her family and friends. Milly also enjoys visiting the casino on weekends with her coworkers. She loves that she has been able to develop a close friendship with her coworkers, and she knows that she will remain friends with them even after retirement.If you think you may have a case and would like to have a consult, please reach out for a Free Case Evaluation.

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