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Eric is different. They are all different. There is no perfect Doctor, no perfect law firm, no perfect client however Ginnis, Krathen, & Zelnick, in my opinion, are perfection. The dream team. I wish I had more time with them. However, they are just a phone call away. Milly showed concern even before I was a client. She’d call to check on me. Everything works in Devine timing. I haven’t got to meet Eric in person yet because of the pandemic and he went above and beyond. I did meet everyone else. Milly is the type of paralegal that will challenge you to think bigger and to push past excuses and limitations. They were plenty of times she would say okay if you’re going to have a moment call here and ask for me. I remember when I got upset about a procedure. Milly called me and talked sense into me. They are fun but serious.

Even though I didn’t get to see Eric in the courtroom he still slew Goliath. Most lawyers saw my case as waste or difficult because of the ins and outs and me having prior representation. Eric didn’t. He made it simplistic. Thank you, Eric, Milly, Vanessa, Ross, Katy, and everyone else involved in this matter.