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Anyone who’s ever been in a major car accident knows how quickly your life can change. You might lose your car, you and/or your family members might be injured, you might not be able to work, or even get to work. It’s a slippery slope of consequences, a time of confusion and anger… through no fault of your own. I experienced a similar situation: car destroyed, injured back, loss of work and so many questions. But, during that difficult time, I made one really good decision: hiring Ginnis, Krathen & Zelnick, P.A., to represent me. GKZ and their team of paralegals and administrative staff handled not just my case but also Dr. appointments, found me the right physical therapist, chiropractor, pain specialists, and the best surgeons who could walk me through everything and make sure I made the best and most informed decisions for my quality of life. I was also compensated for my injuries, rehab and was able to purchase a new car. Thank you GKZ, especially Ross, Diane and Milly. You helped my family and I get through a rough period!