Common Spring Break Accidents

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Getting hurt on Spring Break not only throws a wrench in your plans, but it can even worse with serious injuries and complicated legal matters. Below are the most common spring break accidents and what to do if you or a loved one are involved in an injury.

Boating and Cruise Ship Accidents

If you are spending spring break on a boat or cruise ship, you still have legal rights if you are injured. These claims fall under maritime law. Maritime law is a complex area of law encompassing cruise ship passenger injuries, recreational boating accidents, seaman injuries under the Jones Act, ship fires and much more. If you find yourself involved in a boating or cruise ship accident, you’ll need a qualified maritime law attorney to handle your claim.

DUI and Auto Accidents

Spring break trips usually coincide with DUI accidents, due to drinking being a common activity on vacation. If you were injured in a crash, whether you were a passenger in a vehicle where the driver was found at fault for driving under the influence, or you were a victim of a person who hit you with their vehicle, you’ll need an attorney versed in DUI law.

Bicycle Accidents

With springtime bringing in beautiful weather, it is common for most vacationers to want to spend as much time as possible outdoors doing physical activities, such as cycling. A cyclist may have been hit because of the negligence of a driver, such as someone driving under the influence or driving while distracted. If you have been hit while you were biking, you should contact an attorney who is familiar with bicycle accidents, as sometimes these cases are not as open and closed as they seem to be.

Premises Liability

Certain premises have different rules regarding injury claims. A sporting arena may have a waiver of liability clause written right on the tickets. For example, if you attend a sports venue, you may be taking on some of the liability yourself if you are hurt in the stands. This is known as the “baseball rule.” In some cases, the courts will find that you assumed the risk of getting injured by attending certain events.

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