How DUI Accident Victims Get Compensation

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Surviving a DUI accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. Through no fault of your own, you now face severe physical pain and emotional suffering, not to mention medical expenses, income loss, and other financial burdens. Our attorneys have seen too many victims to lose their chance to receive the compensation they deserve after these terrible cases. That’s why we’re here to help.

When a driver chooses to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they should be held responsible for their actions. As a victim of a DUI accident, you are entitled to compensation to cover damages suffered as a result of this reckless behavior. Loss of wages, costs of medical care, and pain and suffering are just some of the damages victims may receive. Navigating this type of personal injury case will require the counsel of an experienced car accident attorney. Here are some key points to know when it comes to filing a claim and seeking compensation.

Steps to take immediately following an accident

If you have been in an accident with a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you should first seek immediate medical care. Next, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can evaluate your case and advise on the next steps. Once it is clear you have a strong case, you will move forward with filing a claim.

It is crucial to work with a personal injury lawyer who has years of experience with DUI accident cases since you will be going head to head with insurance companies over your personal injury claim. Insurance companies have professionals on their side to help them. You should also have someone in your corner who is willing and able to fight for your rights and interests after a devastating car crash.

Filing a DUI accident injury case

Several factors are considered in a DUI case, such as the degree of fault and injuries. When you file as the injured party, you will include details of your medical care, lost income, bodily injury, and additional losses that occurred due to the accident.

There may be a criminal case related to your accident. While this is a separate case from your personal injury case, it is important to gather as much information as possible about the criminal case as well. Discuss with the county attorney how you would like to stay informed of anything related to your accident, including court dates and decisions that are made by law enforcement or legal authorities.

Receiving proper compensation

Compensation ranges from coverage of medical bills and lost wages to pain and suffering. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your case may be worth much more than you think. Some other factors considered include the recovery length, current, and future medical care, and emotional trauma.

In order to receive the maximum compensation you deserve, it is important to contact an experienced law firm. Even if you are not sure whether you want to work with a car accident lawyer, have a consultation. This meeting will help you learn about your rights and responsibilities after a crash. At Ginnis & Krathen, we are available at no charge to answer your questions and address your concerns and your options.

Seek counsel today

During this time, it is absolutely critical that you have support. Navigating the emotional, physical, and legal aspects of DUI accident recovery is difficult. It is important that you have someone on your side who will advocate for your rights and best interests when you are focused on healing and regaining your life.

At Ginnis & Krathen, P.A., our attorneys are experienced in DUI accident injury cases and passionate about winning compensation for victims. Contact our team today for a free case evaluation and learn how we can help you move forward.

*This legislation is current as of October 28, 2020.

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