Why Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. You have to communicate with the insurance companies, arrange for getting your car repaired, get treatment if you suffered injuries, and much more. Amid those challenges, many accident victims make the mistake of settling for minimal compensation—or no compensation at all—out of frustration and impatience.  

This may make you wonder if you should contact a car accident lawyer to help you with the legal and financial aspects of the incident. That would allow you to focus on your physical and emotional recovery. The answer from anyone who has ever been in a car accident is unequivocal: Yes, you should contact a car accident lawyer. 
Hearing that, your next question will likely be, “Why should I hire a lawyer after an accident?” There are multiple reasons why a lawyer is your greatest asset, as we explain below.

A Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You Get More Compensation

Studies show that accident victims who contact a car accident lawyer obtain higher compensation than those who are unrepresented. Part of the reason for this is that an experienced attorney can help you anticipate future expenses that you might not otherwise think about, such as expenses related to car repairs, medical bills, missed days at work, and more. 

Imagine accepting $10,000 in compensation for an accident only to find as time goes by that the actual expenses resulting from the incident are $25,000. This happens far too often to victims who end up paying for another driver’s mistake.

Most car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means you only have to pay them if they win your case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting Ginnis & Krathen, P.A. to have us represent you. 

A Car Accident Lawyer Knows How to Beat Greedy Insurance Companies

It is an unfortunate truth that the more claims an insurance company denies, the greater profit it makes. When you file a claim after being in a car accident, the insurance company has extensive resources and will find ways to avoid paying you. This includes looking for loopholes in your policy, getting you to say or do things that are not in your best interest, and playing other dirty tricks. 

Auto accident attorneys and personal injury attorneys are an insurance company’s worst nightmare and your best ally. We understand all the tactics they use to cheat you out of the compensation you deserve and know how to nullify those tactics so that the claims process plays out fairly and efficiently.

A Car Accident Lawyer Helps Relieve the Stress You Face After a Car Accident

Working with a car accident lawyer is about more than just the compensation they can obtain for you. Completing the claims process is time-consuming and stressful, even after a minor accident. 

A car accident lawyer at Ginnis & Krathen can reduce your stress by conducting a thorough investigation that gathers all the information you need for your claim. This work is completed quickly to ensure that you do not miss any deadlines, including those related to statutes of limitations. 

Finding the Right Car Accident Lawyer Is Vital

After a car accident, your thinking should not be, “I need to find a car accident lawyer near me,” but rather, “I need to find a car accident lawyer who has the skill and experience to ensure a fair outcome for me.” You want to move forward understanding how your car damage and personal injuries will be addressed and confident that the insurance company cannot take advantage of you.
Every person who has been wronged or injured, by no fault of their own, deserves an advocate to help make their lives whole again. If you’ve been in a car accident, call Ginnis & Krathen today to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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