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Dangerous Drugs
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Fort Lauderdale Dangerous Drug Attorney

Helping Clients Seek Compensation for the Consumption of Unsafe Pharmaceuticals

We generally assume it will cure our ailments when a doctor prescribes a medication. When we pick up the prescription or over the counter medication at the pharmacy, we also assume the drug is properly labeled with all potential warnings. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. More and more often we hear about people being injured or even killed by defective drugs.

A defective drug is one that is prescription or over the counter and that was designed improperly, manufactured defectively or improperly labeled with potential side-effects and warnings. If you were injured or a loved one was killed because of defective drugs, you need a pharmaceutical lawyer who is knowledgeable in handling cases involving pharmaceuticals and dangerous drugs. A lawyer with knowledge on such dangerous drugs has access to medical experts, investigators and legal specialists who can assist in determining who is to blame and how much compensation you deserve.

At Ginnis, Krathen, & Zelnick, P.A., our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving defective drugs. We have the experience and knowledge needed plus access to the right resources to hold the responsible parties and entities accountable and get you the reimbursement you deserve.

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Pharmaceutical Injury Attorneys

If you or a family member was injured after taking defective drugs, it is crucial that you speak with a pharmaceutical attorney today. A personal injury lawyer will assist you in holding the drug companies responsible for the injuries you and your family suffered. Prescription and over-the-counter medications are supposed to improve your health, but it is sometimes the opposite, and millions of people suffer injuries or even die because of drugs that are designed improperly, manufactured defectively or improperly labeled with potential side-effects and warnings.

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Proven Record of Success

We have recovered millions of dollars in successful verdicts and settlements, including a seven-figure case that another firm turned down.

Extensive Medical Resources

Our firm benefits from a qualified network of medical experts who will waste no time in assessing your injuries, no matter how extensive.

Personalized Legal Approach

As our client, you can rest assured that your case will receive the personalized care and attention of a knowledgeable senior partner — no matter the size.

Trial-Ready Legal Advocacy

Our personal injury attorneys have extensive jury trial experience and have collectively tried more than 250 jury trials to verdict.

A Network of Support

When you hire us, you will benefit from the unwavering support of our attorneys, legal staff, forensic investigators and more.

Maximized Case Value

We are committed to maximizing the recovery that our clients deserve and have successfully settled cases that other law firms have turned down.

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