Emotional Distress of Personal Injury Cases

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When a personal injury occurs, it’s easy to focus on the physical side of the injury. But one area that is often overlooked is the emotional distress caused by the injury and the pain and suffering the injured party feels while going through the healing, and legal, process. There may be concerns over whether functionality […]

Getting Compensation When You Cannot Work

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In the aftermath of an injury, compensation may not be first and foremost on your mind. But as the days and weeks continue on, lost wages can seriously impact your finances. Before you find yourself in a bind, you should know your legal options. Injured on the Job: Worker’s Compensation If your injury occurs at […]

What to Do After a Car Accident

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When a car accident occurs, there is a world of emotions and worries that come with it. What needs to be done to best protect the interests of all parties, no matter who may be at fault? The things that are done after an accident can mean the difference between successfully recovering from an accident […]

Signs You May Have Been the Victim of Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice cases can be extremely confusing for the victim. You want to trust your healthcare professionals, especially in cases where you’ve needed long-term treatment and have developed a relationship with your regular physician. Patients can have a difficult time determining if there was any wrongdoing. Because of terminology and confusing explanations of treatment options, […]

What You Should Know About Slip and Fall Cases

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Did you know that a property owner might be liable if you’re injured on their premises? A slip and fall is a type of personal injury case where a party is injured on another person’s property due to circumstances that the owner could have prevented. It’s called a “slip and fall” because often the damage […]

Ginnis & Krathen Wins Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale


2016 has been a busy year for us. We were highlighted in a Daily Business Review article for setting a $1.35M drunk driving case for the estate of the victim, and just recently we were chosen as one of the top personal injury firms in Fort Lauderdale by Expertise. With almost 300 personal injury law firms in Fort Lauderdale […]

5 Steps to Take Immediately if You’ve Been in an Accident

Car accident

Getting into a car accident — even a minor fender bender — can be a scary experience. When you add in the possibility of injuries or significant damage to a vehicle, chances are you’ll wonder what steps you need to take to protect everyone and make sure your rights are protected. This checklist of five […]

Your First Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer

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For most people, meeting with an attorney isn’t a regular occurrence. Even when you’re familiar with the legal system through work or other aspects of your life, meeting with a personal injury lawyer can be different – in this case, you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury. It’s understandable that you might […]

Personal Injuries: Infographic

With three million personal injuries occurring from car accidents each year, it’s not hard to believe there are some shocking statistics that follow. We want you to be aware of these so that you can be a smart and safe driver. Check out these personal injury statistics. If you think you might have a personal […]

Understanding Wrongful Death Cases

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If you have suddenly and tragically lost a loved one, considering the legal context of the situation is probably the last thing on your mind. However, because family members are often left with burdensome funeral costs and other accumulating expenses following a family member’s death, it’s a good idea to speak with a wrongful death […]

Do I Have a Wrongful Death Case?

Statement of Damages

A wrongful death case is a very confusing and traumatic experience, and it can be compounded by not having legal counsel throughout the process. In a case of wrongful death, family members are left in a position where they’re already grieving the loss of a loved one. This is traditionally a time where people are […]

Mesothelioma: Understanding Your Rights

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Mesothelioma. It’s an intimidating word and not something you ever want to hear come out of a doctor’s mouth. Unfortunately, cases of mesothelioma diagnosis have been on the rise in recent years. Specifically, mesothelioma refers to a serious and aggressive cancer that affects the lungs and abdomen. If you’ve recently been diagnosed or suspect that […]

Ginnis & Krathen Resolves $1.35m Drunk Driving Case

Attorneys Ginnis & Krathen

Ginnis & Krathen P.A. was recently highlighted in The Daily Business Review in an article discussing a case we resolved for $1.35 million. Details on the case and resolution are below:Last March, a man in his 70s was driving on South Congress Avenue in Palm Beach County with a 99-year-old man in the passenger seat and a woman in […]

Hoverboard Injury – Do You Have a Case?


Although they don’t suspend riders a foot in the air like Marty McFly’s hoverboard in “Back to the Future II,” we call them that anyway. They’re actually motorized self-balancing scooters, no air required. The hoverboards in use today are quickly getting a reputation for being unsafe and causing injuries. Bursting into flames is one of […]